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Clinical research is a powerful tool providing essential evidence for the efficacy of treatments and products. Consumers and patients increasingly expect research based evidence in return for their trust or brand loyalty. NutriDART has been developed to support clinical research with the collection and management of dietary intakes and patient reported outcomes. Patient app technology captures dietary and survey information and makes it available in real time. Researchers have immediate access to their data as well as the facilities to add clinical data and check on study progress. Full consultation is available throughout the study process and a study design service is provided on request.



App technology

The participant app is a single portal for the collection of study information. Distribution of diet diaries and surveys are automated through the app, as well as study invitations, reminders and updates. Participants are provided with a secure login for data protection, which can be reset at any time by the participant.

Dietary Assessment

A large food database supports the collection of dietary information, with the most accurate portion size capture technology on the market. Much more than back of packet data, up to 69 nutrient values are provided for each food item. Integration of food databases from other geographical locations is possible on request.

Survey Data

A survey building service tailored to your study enables collection of all types of participant reported outcomes. Development of bespoke surveys and incorporation of existing validated tools is available. Participant reported outcomes may be used in conjunction with capture of dietary data or on their own.

Real time data

Analyse the results of your study without delay. Your data is available to you in real time as it is captured, throughout the study and at conclusion. A full raw dataset is available immediately at study conclusion.

Client Area

Clients have their own secure login for recruiting participants, adding clinical data, and monitoring study progress. Study progress is presented in summary reports and charts which can be customised and downloaded.

Consultation Service

Consultation service is available on request, tailored to your study requirements. Consultation packages may range from full study design to simply survey design and advice on dietary assessment methodology.

Who is NutriDART for?

NutriDART has been developed for anyone conducting clinical trials or studies involving dietary assessment and/or patient reported outcomes. NutriDART is ideal for those who wish to hand over the administrative burden of setting up and managing a research project.

Pharmaceutical Industry


Food and Beverage Manufacturers


NHS Clinical Trials


Who is behind NutriDART?

Dr Zoe Tolkien

Founder and CEO
Zoe is a nutritionist with a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Her doctorate investigated the effects of dietary iron in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, including extensive dietary assessment methodology. During her previous academic career at both the Universities of Cambridge and Bristol she worked on a range of health services projects in collaboration with the NHS employing various research methods including clinical trials. The idea for NutriDART was conceived whilst Zoe carried out her PhD and is now the sole focus of her efforts.

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Supporting clinical trials with novel health technology

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