Pharmaceutical Industry

As drugs and nutrients are known to interact in significant ways the importance of dietary assessment in drugs trials is gaining acceptance. Failure to identify drug-nutrient interactions may lead to serious consequences for the patient. Subsequently, more and more often drugs trials are taking into account patients’ diets as a potential confounder of the main pharmaceutical outcome. NutriDART supports the pharmaceutical industry to keep putting patient safety at the top of its agenda.

Food and Beverage Manufacturers

In today’s climate of ‘food as medicine’, consumers demand increased health performance from the purchases in their grocery basket. Yet skepticism exists around food label claims and manufacturers are pressured to provide more credible information. NutriDART helps the food and beverage industry to improve the credibility of their claims by promoting an evidence based approach to communicating with consumers.

NHS Clinical Trials

Clinical research determines the best ways to prevent, diagnose or treat disease. The NHS invests heavily in developing new treatments and services for better patient outcomes that are safe and effective. Last year, over half a million patients and almost 500 NHS Trusts took part in clinical research. However with an ever resource-strapped NHS trying to deliver first class healthcare to an increasingly ageing population, digital technology is becoming widely recognised for its advantages, and readily adopted. NutriDART supports the NHS in their task to deliver a first class service to a growing population with complicated needs.